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Nights of safety and stability for a young person (age 18-24) at YouthCare's Young Adult Shelter- Providing an opportunity to engage with caring staff, and begin addressing unique needs
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At Bungie, charities are important to us (have you checked out the Bungie Foundation?). We love the Mox Gauntlet because it provides two opportunities: donate to an amazing local charity AND tabletop gaming. Win-win!

  • To win the Gauntlet and retrieve the trophy from Removed From Play (have you seen that magnificent shine of the trophy!)
  • Beat our donation total of last year, thanks to donations from our awesome Community!
  • Rock some awesome Greco-Roman costumes.
  • To beat Paizo, our not-so-secret Gauntlet nemesis, and crush our friends Monolith, Valve, PopCap, MGS, AGS, Harebrained Schemes, and a bunch of other local studios.

Donation Rewards

Making the world a better place is its own reward, but to help sweeten the pot, we’ve created a few backer rewards for donating :

Reward FAQs
Q: I just donated a bunch of money to these great charities! When will I get my rewards?
A: We will begin arranging awards after 5/15 when the events have completed. Make sure to provide us with a valid email address when making your donation so we can contact you.

Q: How will I be getting my emblem?
A: Once the events have happened, we will be contacting you via email (this is why it's important to use a valid email when making your donation!) with further instructions to get your emblem.

Q: What is the difference between the “Programmer Artist” and the “Destiny Artist” tiers?
A: Often when making games, when an engineer is working on a new feature, they will use temporary art to prove that the feature works. This art, drawn by a non-artist is humorously known as “Programmer Art”, and is an ongoing joke between programmers and professional game artists.  
The $100 tier gives you a caricature drawn and signed by one of our non-artist employees. You can tell your friends you’ve got a real original piece of 'Programmer Art' from the game industry!
Meanwhile, the $500 tier gives you a caricature by a real professional Bungie artist. Internally, Bungie employees get a caricature like these only after serving at the company for 5 years (see reward on far right above). These are presented at an elaborate knighting ceremony at the Pentathlon or Bungie Day. But by donating at this level, you can join the ranks of Bungie veterans.

Q: Who will be drawing my caricature?
A: At the “Programmer Artist” tier, it could be any non-artist employee who has helped to build Destiny.  At the “Destiny Artist” tier, the caricature will be done by one of our professional Destiny Artists. In either case, the creator could come from any department, and each will have their own unique style.

Q: At the $250 tier, what happens when I play with a Bungie developer?
A: With the “Play with a Bungie Developer” reward, you get a chance to play with someone who has helped to build Destiny. This could be an engineer, a 3D artist, a tester, animator, or any one of the dozens of other roles we have here at Bungie. We guarantee at least an hour of play, but it could be much longer depending on availability. You can play whatever you would like – Raids, Iron Banner, Strikes, or just hanging out in the Tower. The developer will not be able to disclose any secrets, and they probably won’t be able to carry you to the Lighthouse either. But expect to have a fun time getting to know one of the folks who has made the game you enjoy.

The Team

2016 Team Bungie2016 Team Bungie

Team Milestone Picture Incentives
10k - Thank you!

15k - Funny hats!

25k - Climbing wall shenanigans
30k - ??????
40k - ??????
50k - !!!!!!!
55k - We beat last year! Something amazing!

Team Members

Team Updates