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Nights of safety and stability for a young person (age 18-24) at YouthCare's Young Adult Shelter- Providing an opportunity to engage with caring staff, and begin addressing unique needs
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Timothy Black

Welcome to my Gauntlet 2016 fundraising campaign!

I’m excited to help raise money for YouthCare, a local charity that has supported homeless youth, since 1974, to help them get off the streets, and on their way to self-sufficiency. ENGAGE - Card Kingdom and Mox Boarding House’s charitable giving program, is hosting a table top gaming tournament and fundraiser called The Gauntlet: Odyssey, on May 15th, in Bellevue, WA. Please help me, as well as my team, to  support this amazing charity by donating to my campaign- in doing so, you will also help my team to earn valuable "Power-Ups"  (advantages) that will be used during the tournament. Just click the "Make a Donation" button to the right to get started!

Last year our team won the Gauntlet, and this year we hope to repeat the feat by bringing the mightiest of nerd knowledge and tactics to the table.

To reward folks who donate, I’m offering the following for the kind-hearted do-gooders of awesome:

$20 - Choose a topic or have me say something on a podcast (“When Nerds Collide” and “Removed From Play” are where I usually lurk)

$100 - I will paint a single non-huge base model supplied by you for your personal collection!

$500 – I will convert and paint a 35 point army (Mk2 points) supplied by you into the theme of your choice! This can include Huge bases, of course.

$1000 - I will convert and paint a 75 point army (Mk2 points) supplied by you into the theme of your choice! Again, Huge bases are fine here.

The highest donor overall will be able to choose a non-huge based model from their collection for me to convert and paint, in any style you want (and if your donation is over $200, bring on the huge based!). This will stack with the Big Kahuna award of a 1k donation, giving you another model that can be either from another army or the same one. You can see my work displayed in the images above!

If you are interested in seeing how your donation impacts the tournament total, as well as how my team utilizes our earned power-ups, you may watch the live stream on May 15th!  

Click here to watch the whole event unfold: Card Kingdom Twitch Channel

Thanks for your support! 

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